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SCUBA and Free diving

I started Scubadiving when I was 15. The thought of being able to breathe under water, the feeling of weightlessness and freedom of movement in 3 dimensions, so to speak, is what drove me. Also the possibility to hunt fish, explore shipwrecks and the like was tempting. Well, today I've realized that most of this is accomplished through freediving. Of course, breathing under water is a bad idea while freediving, and shipwreck-exploration is pretty much impossible, but freediving offers complete freedom of movement, and freedom from heavy equipment, pretty much all diving related health-issues, etc. Today I prefer freediving. Simpler is better!

Here are a few pictures, mostly that I've taken, but a few of me as well. You'll find more diving pictures on the Gallery

My equipment & experience

Me in "the bodybag"

I own a Viking Sport drysuit which is about the same age as myself, and (originally) made of rubber. Now there's also alot of glue and gaffa tape added to keep the "dry" part of "drysuit" true. On my divemaster course, my instructors and fellow students nicknamed it "The Bodybag". Neat. :) I passed said divemaster course, so naturally I hold a PADI Divemaster rating, and with pretty much the minimum requirement for number of dives for the rating, namely about 70.

As for freediving, I don't have any specific courses, and I've been using the equipment at the campschool where I work, so I only own the basics myself. However, I recently got a call from my boss, he has decided to sponsor me a suit, which should arrive in about a week!

UW Photography

From the Red Sea

I have a 3 year old olympus c4000, with an olympus pt-005 uw housing. This is able to take fairly ok pictures, but the use of a flash is pretty much ruled out for GOOD pictures. Every tiny little particle in the water will shine clearly on pictures, because the flash on the camera lights them up. The pro fix for this, is using an external flash. But if you DON'T use the flash, colors will look greenish (depending on depth), because the red color disappears just a few meters down (lowest frequency of the colors). And so on, and so forth.

Taking good pictures while diving is not easy, it takes work and dedication. Just bringing the camera along and take some pics of neat stuff, as I thought at first, will give you crap pictures. And while Scubadiving, you have many other things to think about, including a buddy who may not be as interested as you in finding just the right angle for your picture of some jellyfish or what ever. My conclusion is that freediving beats scubadiving also at this. Simply because you don't have to think about _anything_ but your photograph, and you have total freedom of movement, making you able to find just that perfect angle ;)


Also something freediving opened the possibility for. :) On this, I am very unexperienced still.


Freediving, or just breathhold-diving, is naturally far simpler than scuba. This means you don't have to drag heavy equipment around, worry about bottomtime or nitrogen narcosis, divers illness, lungexpansion injuries, and what have you. Freediving requires a good wetsuit and the basic equipment such as flippers, but that's all. It goes surprisingly fast to get used to holding ones breath, and I can do 45-60 seconds on each dive. This feels like quite a while when you're down there.. Now add a harpoon, and you're suddenly fishing in an ACTIVE form, instead of just sitting in a boat waiting for it to bite! The freedom of movement is amazing, compared to scuba. Freediving basically gives me most of the things I started scubadiving for.

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