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A highline is a slackline set up high. You may have guessed that much already. Much rigging knowledge and gear is required to be able to do this relatively safely. The funny thing about the highline is that it is no different than the slackline, except for the gorge beneath your feet. The same basic 10 meter line that you perform impressive tricks on at groundlevel will still be very challenging to simply walk, if it's your first highline.

I decided to remove the hints on highline-setup. It serves no real purpose here anyway. Should you by any chance be interested, just contact me and I'll send it your way (given that you seem smart enough to do this safely).

From the "Skeleton gap" highline

This highline is about 10 meters long, and it's roughly 35 meters to the deck. The name is from a cave located underneath, simply called the "skeleton cave", after the 2000-year old human remains that was found there some years ago.

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