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Pascal programming and stuff i've made

This is all really really old. I keep it here for its nostalgic value.

I code pascal in FreePascal or Borland Pascal 7... here's a list of some things I've made in BP:

htm_menu.zipI made some sort of html-site menu updater program. Very primitive, but it fits my needs, so I doubt I will make it usable for the random lamer ;) You should make a backup of your files before you try it, I haven't tried it all that much. I'll of course throw the source along, but that source is braking most of the rules for good programming. Don't laugh!
bmp2htm.zipHere is my bmp2htm program. look at ascii arts to see what it does. It has some bugs... like it makes the bitmap upside down. But you can fix that by flipping your .bmp first ;) There is also a bug that ruin the result. You'll know when it happen... to fix it, reduce/add image-width by 1, and try again. If that don't work try one or two times more. If it still don't work, give it up! :) btw, I won't fix this bug.. i'm way to lazy ;)
*** I need a 24 bit .bmp loader! send me one ***
keydelay.zipProgram to make the typematic rate choosable (meaning, choosable delay before a key repeats, and delay between each repeat) .. needed for win95, win98 (not win98SE) and DOS. and maybe others..
blur.zipA blur effect (+ a mirror)
fire2.zipA fire effect
explo.zipAn explotion
explo2.zipClick the mouse to explore the screen!*Simple unit for using the windows clipboard in pascal (not neccesarily compiled for win.. i use realmode). It only uses pascal string type.*Simple unit for using a joystick in pascal*Unit for the "extended" mode. It's 640x400x256 unchained.. But is incompatible with alot of computers...
buttons.zipA buttons/checkboxes/radiobuttons thing for pascal. Uses extended.pas .. if that don't work, you can easily convert it to VESA (or I can do it for you)
fire3.zipfire2, greatly improved
particle.zipA particle flying around around the screen, with snow and blur etc..
circdemo.zipSome circles, some sin rotating with blurring etc..
fountfix.zipA fountain
pixspray.zipPixels forming letters

* - theese are units, and not very usefull for non-pascalians

Various links and recommendations

320x200x256 gfx

If you want to learn this, go to and search for "asphyxia mode13h" or something... Asphyxia's tuts are GREAT.

Here are some guy's page.. go for the "pascal stuff" link or something like that, it has a great deal on optimizing, very good indeed. Maybe not for mode13h beginners, unless you feel smart

OpenGL and windows programming

Check .. freepascal

Tools you need (DOS)

-SWAG has tons of sourcecode. This is a definite must
-Tech Help is a reference for DOS programmers, you can find most interrupts needed here, and much other info
-Help PC explains assembler intructions up to the 486, with clocks. Also have some other information
-Ralf Brown Interrupt List is the most complete interrupt list so far.
-PC-GPE, the PC Game Programmers Encyclopedia have alot of great tutorials on different subjects about game programming

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