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The photoblag

Pictures posted here probably doesn't meet the quality standards of the old gallery. I post anyway, because having a photoblag is the latest thing among the cool kids, and if I was going to be picky, I'd never post anything here. ;)

Also, I'll probably clean up that gallery at some point, or at least make a new one. Too much old crap in it.

May 2009

I just scraped together the few decent pictures I've taken lately, and thought I'd post'em. Haven't been very active with the camera lately.

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Early spring 2009 - seagulls!
29th march 2009 - blah bla.
Feb 09
1st February 2009
16th Januray 2009
11th January 2009
9th January 2009
1st January 2009 - Fireworks
31st December 2008

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By Loonix on 4.01.09 @ 14:52:32

That's because photography is more interesting than my actual life ever was, I guess... :)

By Mooo! on 4.01.09 @ 14:48:49

I find it ironic your "photoblag" has more wordly blagging than your actual blag ever did. ;D