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My brother keeping his balance

A slackline in its simplest form is just a 25mm wide, 10-15 meter long piece of webbing tied between two trees, tightened with a primitive pulley. Easy to set up, and it can be a lot of fun. Don't confuse it with a tightrope. The webbing used in slacklining will stretch no matter what, so it's a very dynamic form of balancing. A beginner will normally be able to walk the line after 2-3 hours of effective training. By effective, I mean fully focused intense training, and few of us can keep that up for 2-3 hours, but practice for 15 minutes every now and then, and after a few days, you'll walk it.


When you're done learning the basics, there are lots of things you can learn. The first thing is to simply walk backwards. Then try to turn around. Then you try to sit down on the line, and then get back up. Then try to jumpmount the line (it really isn't that hard!). Then get confident at walking sideways. Then try to jump from the line, getting some air under your feet, and land on the line again. Then do the same, but include a 180 turn. Or a 360.. :) Both backflips and frontflips have been done on the line, but only by a very few people, as far as I know. There is plenty more to do on the line, just use your imagination.

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