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Web development


Well, I figured it was about time to make a little section on this topic. And the section will indeed be "little", since I don't really have much to add to the vast ammount of information out there :) is written in php, with a mysql database, and the clientside code is xhtml with css. The newsfeed is rss 2.0 compliant. I've written an AJAX shoutbox, which is currently not in use. Simpler is better... :)

How the skins work

The skins are simply different css files - the content is the exact same regardless of skin. See for yourself :) The skin "none" is simply an empty css file. In php, I use a session to keep track of which skin the user has chosen. The PHP code simply writes the filename of the correct skin into the link tag, within the page head. Where sessions does not work, one falls back on the default skin. A couple of browser dependant php hacks is in use on a few layouts.

About the skins

Only the default skin (currently "Blue") is in fully working order. Due to minor changes here and there over time, bugs develop in other skins, and I'm too lazy to fix them all. Sorry about that, you figment of my imagination.

If you, for some obscure reason, would like to write a skin for this page, you are more than welcome to do so, just contact me!

Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, "Plain" will be the only layout available to you. I have previously tried to keep things working in IE, but I have now discontinued that practice. It simply takes too much time and effort to hack a good layout to pieces, inserting bugs and hacks to make it render properly in IE. I'll spare that for the sites that has important content, or that I get payed to do. Life is too short to waste on IE.

The gallery

As of writing this, the latest and closest to finished galleryscript I have written is not yet implemented on this page. It won't take very long, though. It uses PHP for the simple gallery, and if you want people to be able to comment on pictures, it requires MySQL. You'll find much more advanced galleries all over the net. This one is pretty simple stuff, but if you want it, it's yours. Get it here. It should be quite self-explanatory.


I've written a small and simple forum script. It does not require anyone to sign up or log in, so anyone can post, although in my implementation on this site, some users may use a password instead of a nick, to identify themselves on the forum. It is written in php/mysql, and should be xhtml strict compliant. It uses some javascript, to collapse/expand posts or post-trees, and AJAX to show updates in realtime. Neither is required for the forum to work. That's basically all there is to it.

Click here to try it. If you want the code, you'll have to contact me.. It'll probably be here for download at some point in near or distant future.

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By BernardAlmow on 25.10.16 @ 23:10:43

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By Loonix on 19.08.09 @ 22:45:23

wow, movax! it's been a while :) You should be able to see the correct skin unless you're using internet explorer, and i doubt that you are.... right?! anyway, get back on #pascal, this should be interesting ;D

By movax13h on 19.08.09 @ 16:03:15

Hello Loonix, here movax13h, what's happened with skin on this page? I can't see any colors :( Nice photos, I had to restart my old page -there is only pascal, but now only Polish: See you :)